Our History

We are two sisters, who with our husbands, started this business to give us something to do when we retired from our "jobs". Who knew we would fall in love with such unique plants.We started Worlds Rare Plants to share what we already discovered about these unusual and interesting species of plants. These plants are beautiful and useful at the same time. They are the "green" answer to any insect problem. All you have to do is water them with filtered water and give them a well lit place to live.

Mary Wuydts

Mary has over 35 years in customer service and administration experience. She retired to become partner in this exciting business. She will assist you in the store as well as answer any questions you might have about the plants. If you need a special planting request she will happy to assist you. After a purchase, any questions can be sent via text/phone call and she will answer your concerns.
Mary also assists in the propagation and planting of seedling as well as all stages of the plants. Mary is second from the right in the picture.

Janine Small

Jan comes to this business with over 35 years of bookkeeping experience and customer service. She retire to enter into this business as a partner. Jan assists with sales in the store and creating terrarrium and bonsais. She is also helps in the propagation process in pollinating flower to seed collecting and planting of plants through all stages. Jan is the second from the left in the photo

Richard Wuydts

Production Manager
Richard, husband of Mary, has over 40 years of experience in the landscaping/gardening arena. He started collecting carnivorous plants and collected so many that he recommended we start a business. Richard is the "Master Planter" and comes with experience to answer any questions about carnivorous plants. He also creates terrariums and bonsais. Richard's expertise is used to keep production and propagation of plants going for the business. Richard is on the far right in the pictu

Phillip Small

Sales Manager
Phil, Jan's husband, brings over 35 years of retail experience to the business. He keeps the fairy garden, statuary and pottery products in stock for the store. Phil also can answer any question you may have in regards to the plants as well.
He is on the far left in the picture.